Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dances with Tigers

We decided to retrace our steps from our first day and go "Around The Mountain" again, but this time with a couple more stops!

Our first stop in the truck today was at the Tiger Kingdom. The tigers appeared to be kept well and seemed happy and moderately tame (although there is a suspicion that they may be drugged for close contact...)

Our second stop was at the Orchid farm which has a beautiful collection of blooms and a somewhat retro style of decoration.

Our next trip was to the Crocodile Show and sadly it was appalling. The "show" was a classic display of animal cruelty. We watched for a full three minutes in horror as the host poked and prodded a crocodile and stuck his hand in its mouth. Never have I wanted a jaw to clench as much! Needless to say, we left after three minutes. The same company appears to own the Monkey Centre so we gave that a wide berth too!

Just so this blog doesn't end on a sad note, here is a picture of a happy baby tiger! It was great to see them scampering about being fed and petted by families!

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