Thursday, 3 January 2013


Following a restful night of sleep at the Nest we regretfully checked out and took the truck on a tour of the local sights of Chiang Dao. We started with the caves at Chiang Dao which are the main attraction. You are required to take a guide into the caves so you don't get utterly lost. The guides speak little English, but are able to explain what shapes the various stalagmite and stalagtite formations make.

After the caves we moved on to the Golden Chedi temple. This temple is either half-finished, half-falling down or possibly both!

Next we headed towards the Mayanmar (Burmese) border. About 20km before the border we arrived at the hot springs. This is a small camping location (we were not camping!) with some lovely hot pools which you can fully immerse yourself in. The hot springs are twinned with the nearby waterfall, so for one small amount of baht you can visit both.

The waterfall was our last stop of the day before we headed back to Chiangmai. Tonight we are going to visit the night bazaar for "Operation: Mulberry"! Tomorrow will be our last day in the Land Of Smiles, but we will have time in the morning and afternoon for one last excursion to Doi Sutep.

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