Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Nest, Chiang Dao

I may never eat again.

If you had visited the Nest at Chiang Dao you would also be too full to eat again. The Nest is run by a Thai lady who has lived in the UK. It is a Thai mini-resort which means it has fairly basic accomodation (we stayed in a lovely wooden bungalow with a bedroom and bathroom) and services. However, most people travel to the Nest for the gorgeous food!

There is an international restaurant where we had lunch when we arrived. This taught us lesson #1 - always book in advance! Lunch took about two hours to eat, and we had a light lunch. Everything is prepared fresh at the Nest, so you have to wait your turn!

We spent the afternoon exploring the nearby template which has 510 steps. It is hard going given the humidity, but well worth the walk!

You should take the walk up to the top of the temple in order to work up an appetite for your dinner... And what a dinner it was! We chose the Thai "Big Eater" dinner. This consisted of:

  • Northern-style sausage
  • Pork toast
  • Mixed vegetable dish
  • Green chicken curry
  • Buffalo Northern style
  • Vegetables in oyster sauce (utterly addictive!)
  • Organic brown rice
  • Hand made noodles

Wherever you have been in the world, you have never had Thai food this good! Since we had pre-booked and pre-ordered, the food was served immediately and hot. You can even choose how spicy you would like it:

  • Not spicy
  • Medium spicy
  • Farang spicy
  • Thai spicy

Medium was mouth-tinglingly spicy!!

We have a lovely night's sleep in the silence of your bungalow.

You may be thinking that this all sounds very expensive. We paid 40 GBP for our room, and 6 GBP each for dinner (yes, six pounds each for all that gorgeous food).

We are considering moving to Chiang Dao just to eat at the Nest every night!

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